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Kitfox and Avid Flyer Wingtank Upgrades

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Kitfox and Avid Flyer Wingtanks



Q:What are your tanks made of ?

A: Cross Linked Polyethylene

Q: Will they fit my Kitfox 5 ?

A: YES they will fit every model of Kitfox and Avid Flyer.

Q: I would like to install as a tip tank in my Magnum but the rib spacing is 16 1/8" , will it fit?

A:Our tanks are 16 1/4" wide and a modified rib would be needed which we can supply to you.

Q: I am worried about my current tanks and ethanol but not sure if if I should install while building my kit or wait?

A: You can install now or at a later date. We have invested thousands of dollars into these tanks and we will be here for you when you are ready.

Q: I have a Kitfox with 6 gal. tanks now in each wing and would like to increase the capactiy without cutting apart my perfectly good tank right now . What can be done?

A: You can install an extra tank right beside your current tank and if you have troubles later with your fiberglass, just order another tank and install it .

Q: Can I call you to discuss your tanks ?

A: We run a busy shop and have decided to sell these tanks online to get around answering phone calls from potential buyers and this way being able to give you a better price on these tanks. We set up this site to sell the tanks online and will be selling them in other places as well like Ebay. If you have any more questions please drop us an email and we will answer you when we can.

Q: Are these tanks simular to my header tank in my Kitfox?

A: YES they are near identical material as the Kitfox Header tanks and likewise to the seat tank in the Kitfox LITE.

Q: Can I buy these tanks elswhere?

A Yes , Contact Airdale but we do prefer to sell these online via paypal. You can call us and give us your credit card number as well and we will ship them right out to you if you prefer.

Q: Ok I am ready to buy my new wing tanks, How do I pay ?

A: send us a email with yourname and shipping address. We will send you a paypal bill which you can use your credit card on as well. As soon as we get payment from you, your tanks will be shipped out within 24 hours. Our inventory changes from day to day and we are constantly adding tanks to our inventory. There might be times when we are out of stock for a week or so but we will let you know BEFORE we collect your money.

I hope you have had most of your questions answered and we will add more FAQ's as needed.


Our tanks are made from Cross linked polyethylene. You have seen these tanks on many other applications including aricraft like Skyraiders, Just Aircraft and Ridgerunner. Avid flyers have been using them as well.

Price $525.00 USD plus Shipping PER PAIR and complete KIT to install.You only provide the labor, the fabric,paint,gluesTanks weight about 5 lbs each but once all installed you will end up a few pounds lighter .

Only Need one tank ? No problem $275.00 with fittings and you install it.

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