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Kitfox and Avid Flyer Wingtank Upgrades

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Kitfox and Avid Flyer Wingtanks

Will Fit all Kitfox and Avid Flyer models

Ethanol Proof Wingtanks or just upgrade from a you old tank to our new ones. You can put multiple tanks in each wing . Each tank will give you 5 + gals capacity. Our new tanks are a bit thicker and hence we lose about 1/2 a gallon. We like to advertize 5 gals than 6 gals so if you get in 5.5 gals then you are happy.


TANKS IN STOCK and SHIP OUT within 24 hours of payment to cut your Downtime

Put your Ethanol fears of eating your fiberglass wingtanks to rest. We have designed,tested and made available a Kit for you to quickly get flying again. Included is the following.2 tanks -6 us gal each - all fittings, and fuel line to join tanks - Aluminum tubes, 1/8 " plywood and Gas cap. All you do it cut open top of your existing wingtank and put in plywood, attach the alum tubs with the brackets we supply drop in tank(s) put on fuel line.Then put 1/8 " plywood on top to cover and protect tank, cover with fabric and paint. Fill up tank and go flying. Minimal down time, should be able to do in an afternoon. You supply the Glue for attaching the plywood to the rib, small peice of fabric,cement and paint

Ethanol proof wing tanksKitfox Wingtanks

The wing tank upgrade kit is $525 ..this includes 2 Plastic Tanks, Fittings and Cover panel.You only provide the labor, the fabric,paint,gluesTanks weight about 6.5lbs each.

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